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An Independent App Design Company

MooseLanding, LLC was created as a business to explore the creation of KinFit, a phone based pedometer app that rewards its users for being more active.

KinFit connects to the Kin Ecosystem and the Kin Blockchain, using cutting-edge cryptographic technology and the Kin Rewards Engine to perform mathematical work on the Kin Blockchain and to reward users for their activities.  More details can be found at, or by clicking the link below.



In the summer of 2018, Moose first conceptualized the idea for KinFit, an app that would run on the Kin Ecosystem and Blockchain, to reward and incentivize users to be more active and to get up and move.  He bounced ideas off his wife, Courtney, and together they sketched out the basics of the app, while the Montana winter snows built up around their mountaintop cabin. 

As an international pilot, Moose learned long ago that long distance flights bring many physical problems for the traveler--dehydration, exhaustion, jet-lag, overall, a more sedentary lifestyle.  Poor food options in airports and hotels around the world don't help matters, and often there is little or no access to quality, safe workout facilities.  But a person can almost always WALK.

And while initially, Moose thought of KinFit as a way to reward travelers for getting up and walking as a way to combat jet-lag, he soon realized that more and more non-traveling people in the industrialized world faced the same issues, like long, odd work hours, poor food choices and/or options, and a sedentary work/lifestyle that leads to a downward spiral of health issues.

So with the advent of the Kin Ecosystem and the revolutionary Kin Rewards System and Kin Blockchain, Moose had the idea of incentivizing people to walk more... to actually PAY people to walk and be healthier.  After months of research, consultation and learning, Moose decided to bring his concept to reality.  He founded Moose Landing, LLC to create the app, and started looking for the unique skills and talents he knew were necessary to bring an idea this new and innovative to life.

He joined forces with two of the most creative people he could find, Luc and Courtney, and they are introduced below.  Together, the three of them have worked countless hours to create KinFit from the basic concepts and ideas that originated the project.  And while Moose deserves credit for the creation of the project, it is fair to say that it would never have happened without the tireless efforts and creative technical genius of Luc Hendriks, and the patience, skills and engaging UI/UX dynamic brought to the project by Courtney Weatherman.  

Together, these three unique individuals are the KinFit Team.





CEO and Creator

Moose Weatherman is a former Nuclear Engineer and Submariner, and currently a Boeing 767 Captain for a major international airline you've probably heard of.  Moose is also the CEO of Moose Landing and the inventor of KinFit. 

As a cancer survivor and former CrossFit athlete, Moose knows the value of movement to good health. 

With continued movement comes longevity and better health; without movement, the human body starts to deteriorate and break down.  In effect, it ages more rapidly. 

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App Developer & Programmer

Luc Hendriks is a developer, entrepreneur and a PhD student in astrophysics and machine learning. He started his first company in 2009 and has cofounded a successful startup which was acquired by an industry leader in 2017.

In addition to building (web) applications, his childhood dream is to become an astronomer. Now he's combining both his long term hobby and lifelong dream into a PhD in astrophysics and machine learning.

Luc has a long interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology and bought his first BTC in July 2013.

"I believe the next wave will come from user adoption of which Kin is in my opinion the most promising project."



App Designer & Webmaster

Courtney is a web and graphic designer, as well as a contributor and creator of KinFit. She has worked on websites and various projects for the University of Montana, UM's Media Arts Department, Mountain Dog Overland, HIBeautifulTours, and others.  

This is her first project working with cryptocurrency and the Kin Blockchain, and as a former runner, is excited by the idea of earning rewards for meeting her step goals each day.

"I love using my FitBit but wasn't really motivated by just getting a fireworks gif on my screen. My first big goal for KinFit is to save up some Kin for a Nike gift card, to reward myself with new running shoes."